Information Management

To enable fast and accurate analysis it is important that the data used for the analysis is readily available.

Most organizations have loads and loads of data and we can only expect this to grow as we live in the age of information. However data is often distributed in different systems and between different departments. In some cases data can be conflicting or even wrong. To make the type of comprehensive analysis that Opus Suite does data often comes from different parts of the organization and has varying quality. It is therefor important to understand what data should be used, how it should be interpreted and processed and how it can be retrieved. It must also be retreievd in a reproducable manner. Finally the results from the analysis should be stored so that it can be reused and the underlying data should be possible to trace.

In many cases an automated approach for most or all of the data needed is desirable. An automated approach makes it possible to get a quick turnround on new data and when new questions arise. It also aleviates some of the possible shortcomings that might occur due to the human factor or because different people makes different interpretations.

We have worked with very many of our customers to ensure fast, accurate and reproducable data transfer from data systems for use in the Opus Suite. For a lot of customers we have also built or aided in the building of a fully automated data supply to the Opus Suite. We also work with some of our customers to integrate the Opus Suite within the organizations digital framework to automate everything from data transfer to presentation of the results on company dashboards etc.

We work closely with our customers to fully understand where data resides and how it should be interpreted in order to provide the best possible basis for the further analysis. In many cases this involves different departments within the organization since the responsibility of the technical system, the operations, prices, requirements and general information management all lies in different departments. Our aim is always to provide solutions for the fastest possible data access with the highest accuracy so that we can provide the highest possible business value.

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