German Opus Suite User Conference 2018

The first German Opus Suite User Conference will be held on November 13-14 in Cologne, Germany.

The German Opus Suite User Conference is a two-day event where Opus Suite users from different organizations present and discuss perspectives and experiences from working with Life Cycle Management, Opus Suite, modelling and analytics and related topics. Systecon will also present the latest news from our continuous Opus Suite and methodology development.

The user conference is a great forum for LCM professionals and Opus Suite users to interact and learn from each other.

Please note that most presentations will be held in German.

Who should attend?

Are you an Opus Suite user, decision maker, project manager or analyst with responsibilities within the areas Life Cycle Management, ILS, RAMS or system logistics? Are you also among the fortunate who can follow presentations held in German? Then this is clearly a conference for you.


For more information, and to register - go to German Opus Suite Conference 2018.


Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cologne, Germany.


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