Senior developer with an interest in architecture

Imagine you have to build a new high-speed railway. How many extra engines, doors and technicians do you need to keep the trains up and running? Can you predict when something is about to break? Can you calculate how many spare parts are needed to keep the trains functional? These are the questions our consultants tackle on a daily basis. Assisted by Opus Suite, a world-leading software tool for cost effective optimization, they solve complex problems related to complicated technical systems.

Senior Developer

We are currently modernizing our software solutions and are therefore looking for a senior developer with an interest in architecture that can define the entirety moving forward and lead other developers in their work at redefining Opus Suite.

Your role

As a senior developer at Systecon you will be responsible for driving our transformation of existing code to a modern, flexible architecture. You will take responsibility for setting the technology stack used in Opus Suite and guide us in developing a new UI. While supporting our CTO in making strategic decisions moving forward you are also searching for and learning new technologies that help us improve our product portfolio. As a senior developer we also expect you to take part in and possibly lead daily meetings with the team.

You will be writing architectural descriptions and specifications while also writing code in C++. Tasks will vary from day to day where you can be expected to implement data, APIs and services, as well as core algorithms. Implementations made by others will also have to be reviewed and validated. Finally you can also be expected to update current test and delivery framework with Jenkins, C#, Python and Java.

Who are you?

We are looking for someone with at least 5 years of experience in software development, preferably with previous experience in an architectural role. You are familiar with software design, distributed systems and are fluent in writing code in C++. It is likely that you have been working with both web servers as well as desktop servers, and previous experience in API design and good mathematical understanding is also of great interest to us. You have probably been working with GUI for some time and feel comfortable creating a new GUI from scratch if needed. It is also beneficial if you are knowledgeable in Javascript, Electron or Node.js.

As a person you’re driven, independent and open to new idea. You have a great interest in leading projects and know how to argue for your case. New techniques and technologies is something that you actively follow and are looking for new ways of implementing these into your daily work. Finally we believe that you’re a team player and have no problem cooperating with the team to take Opus Suite to the next level.

Your application

If you are interested in taking our software solutions to the next level, don't hesitate to apply. Submit your resume or apply with your LinkedIn profile. The process is ongoing so don't wait. If you have questions about the position or the process please contact Oscar Stierncreutz at 072-224 85 30.