Enhancing Air Mobility: Optimizing Spare Readiness Packages for Improved Mission Success

20 March 2024

Optimizing Air Mobility: Systecon North America partners with USAF's Air Mobility Command (AMC) to bolster KC-135 and C-17 aircraft availability for Agile Combat Employment (ACE). Our innovative approach highlights our commitment to advancing military capabilities with cutting-edge decision-support solutions

Project Overview

Revolutionizing Air Mobility with Optimized Spare Readiness Packages and Enhanced Mission Success Rates. Systecon leads the development of a cutting-edge system-level decision model, utilizing the powerful Opus Suite, to enhance Air Mobility Command (AMC) operations for KC-135 and C-17 aircraft. Our initiative focuses on optimizing spare readiness packages and forecasting demand to bolster mission success in high-tempo scenarios. Discover how our approach drives logistics support efficiency and delivers superior operational outcomes.

Scope and Methodology

Systecon's model prioritizes system-level performance, catering to peacetime scenarios and diverse Agile Combat Employment (ACE) mission profiles. Tailored for the Indo-Pacific Region, our model harnesses the Opus Suite's analytical capabilities to evaluate mission actions and environments effectively. Dive into how our approach optimizes Air Mobility Command (AMC) operations, driving mission success and strategic decision-making.

Initial results demonstrate a remarkable enhancement in mission success rates, with new readiness spare packages boosting performance by over 20%. Systecon's future efforts will refine the model, incorporating deeper data capture and analysis of additional operational scenarios to optimize logistics support and efficiency, ultimately ensuring improved success for ACE operations.

Results and Future Efforts

  • Identified critical components, depth, and range of the RSP, increasing mission accomplishment rates by over 20%.
  • Modeled flight hour success rates based on location and mission type, showcasing the effectiveness of optimized spare RSPs.
  • Future efforts include refining data capture, identifying cost performance drivers, and enhancing logistics support efficiency.

We are very proud to collaborate with the Air Force and USAF AMC in revolutionizing ACE operations. Our innovative decision model promises to enhance mission effectiveness and readiness, reinforcing the Air Force's operational capabilities.

Dr. Kevin Rhodes 
Executive Vice President
Systecon North America

In the realm of contested logistics, a list of critical components required to achieve operational availability rates at the lowest possible cost based on ACE scenarios has been delivered," said Maj Gen David Sanford, Director of Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection, Headquarters Air Mobility Command.

Maj Gen David Sanford
Director of Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection
Headquarters Air Mobility Command


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