Opus Suite ist die weltmarktführende Software, mit der sie die Auswirkungen Ihrer Entscheidungen auf Leistung und Kosten während des gesamten Lebenszyklus des Systems vorhersagen und bewerten können.

Opus Suite – Life Cycle Management Software for Complex Technical Systems.

The world leading software to help predict and assess the impact of your decisions on performance and cost, during the system's entire life cycle.

Opus suite
opus suite rdm

Opus Suite RDM

Systecon proudly introduces Opus Suite Refined Data Model (RDM), which equips users with enhanced modeling of product breakdowns and maintenance events, better compatibility with standards like S3000L, smoother integration with external data sources and an upgraded Location of Repair Analysis module.

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Complete List of Enhancements

Opus Suite Connect

The latest product from Systecon - Opus Suite Connect unifies and streamlines the LCM process, drives quality controlled and reproducible results and insights. It leverages the synergies from an integration of the PLM/LSAR-data sources and LCM analytics capabilities.

Opus Suite Connect is an ETL product that enables your organization to provide decision support faster with higher quality thanks to streamlined access to the most recent data, easy identification of anomalies, and better support of business/logistics support processes. The primary purposes of Opus Suite Connect are:

  • Integration with LSARs to generate or update OPUS10 and SIMLOX models.
  • Updating your existing models with the latest data

Opus Suite Connect supports LSAR types MIL-1388, GEIA-0007, ASD- S3000L and is also adaptable to custom formats in excel, XML, JSON, CSV etc.

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Some of the Opus Suite users


Life Cycle Management

Secure balance between performance and cost.

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LCM for Search and Rescue Capability and Readiness

Systecon engagement for Swedish Maritime Administration.

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Courses & Training

Courses & Training

Systecon provides introductory and expert level courses for the Opus Suite software tools as well as the Life Cycle Management domain.

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Opus Suite

Opus Suite – Tausende Anwender weltweit nutzen sie für die LCM Entscheidungsfindung

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