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Opus Suite – Life Cycle Management Software for Complex Technical Systems

Opus Suite is the world leading software to help predict and assess the impact of your decisions on performance and cost, during the system's entire life cycle.



Opus Suite - The #1 Software for Cost Effective LCM

Knowledge is power. Technical design and support system design will affect fleet performance, sustainability, flexibility and costs. Analyst teams and industry leaders worldwide depend on Opus Suite to provide knowledge that enables good decision-making, to develop and manage solutions that are cost effective throughout the entire life cycle.

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Life Cycle Management - Secure balance between performance and cost.

Holistic Fleet Management vs Inventory Optimization - Inventory Optimization Challenges.

Three Cornerstones for Successful Life Cycle Management

While Opus Suite provides the ultimate analytical platform, several other factors are also essential to succeed with Systems Life Cycle Management (SLCM). The capability for continuous proactive SLCM rests upon three equally important corner stones: Strategy, Information and Analysis. Are they firmly in place in your organization?

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