Saab Kockums AB - Systecon ILS Manager for the development of the next generation A26 Submarine

Systecon was a project manager for the ILS work during the first part of the project of developing the next generation submarine, the A26, at Kockums AB.

In the initial phase of a major equipment and supply project, it is very important to work  with Integrated Logistic Support since many of the future system costs will be determined there. By providing an ILS perspective of the various choices, project management obtains high quality information to support decisions regarding tradeoffs that must constantly be made in such a complex project.

Systecon planned, managed and coordinated the ILS project activities. This entailed the development, processing and adaptation of ILS plans for, among other things, AR & M, LSA, Supply Support, Technical Information, Training, In Service Support, Logistics Facilities. Through the initial ILS work, Systecon assisted in establishing a good foundation for the continued work of constructing the submarines.

Other important tasks included:

  • Distribution of the submarine requirements down to the system level.
  • Setting requirements of the maintenance database (LSAR).
  • Compiling customer requirements, applicable government regulations, and internal requirements from the ILS perspective.
  • Requirements distribution at the system level.
  • Compiling the operations profile and the distribution at the system level.
  • Processing the maintenance concept in relation to the maintenance levels.
  • Handling the requirements for compiling and interpreting the operations experiences and communicating the ILS focus and activities to project management.
  • Communications and negotiations with the customer regarding ILS operations and requirements.
  • Setting supplier requirements.
  • Reviewing estimates and negotiating.