Stockholm Public Transport Authority - Dimensioning a Commuter Rail Depot

Strategic depot capacity analysis, determines the need of investments in the expansive Stockholm region in Sweden.

Commuter rail traffic in the Stockholm region is expected to increase in the coming decades with the main drivers being population growth and the increase in capacity from the new Stockholm City Line. Major investments in depots and vehicles  will be required, to ensure a high availability of well-serviced vehicles in traffic.

To demonstrate the need for investment, the commuter rail division of the Stockholm Public Transport Authority commissioned Systecon to prepare a strategic depot capacity report. Throughout the project, heavy focus was placed on collaboration and exchange of information with vehicle owners, depot owners, operators, and vehicle maintainers.

The project was conducted in three steps: collecting information, simulation and analysis.

Collecting information

Through a series of interviews and workshops, we identified critical background information, such as existing depot capacity, future expected vehicle deliveries, maintenance schedules and maintenance concepts, the current reliability status of the vehicle fleet, and desired traffic time-tables.


The next step consisted of creating a customized SIMLOX model, based on the processed data collected above, which was crucial when dimensioning the right solutions. Based on this model, several simulation runs were performed with the results becoming the starting point of the analysis work.


Finally, the simulation results from each run were scored and interpreted using proven methodology. A comprehensive report detailing bottlenecks and recommendations was prepared. The report also included a quantitative assessment of several alternative scenarios.