SIMLOX Intermediate (UK) 4 day Course

The objective of the UK Intermediate SIMLOX course is to provide participants with the ability to model more complex logistics scenarios and analyse the effect on system performance.

In order to cover as many topics as possible Systecon (UK) offer a SIMLOX intermediate course in addition to the SIMLOX Advanced course.  The areas covered by the Intermediate course course are listed below; the course can be focused more on some of the areas depending on the participant needs: 

  • Mission reliability: Failures can occur at different rates for different mission types and during preparation. 
  • System Preparation and Turnaround: Additional activities that take time and may need resources. 
  • Autonomous Missions: Stations cut off from normal support organisations. 
  • Mission dependent criticality: Varying criticality dependent on mission type. 
  • Preventative Maintenance: System & Item PM including prelifing. 
  • Lateral Resupply: Emergency supply from alternative stations. 
  • Remote System Repair: Repairing systems at different stations from their normal operating unit. 
  • Importing a Phase scenario from OPUS10: Importing files that may include build up and ramp down of fleets of systems. 
  • System variants: Simplifying data manipulation for similar system structures.  
  • Different Mission types and Random Profiles. 
  • Results Collection: Different types of results to be collected and changing the fidelity of results in the same simulation run