Global Expeditionary Logistics Symposium 2024

Join Systecon at the Global Expeditionary Logistics Symposium 2024. The Global Expeditionary Logistics Symposium (GELS) 2024 is co-hosted by Christopher Newport University's Center for American Studies and focuses on "Logistics and the Fighting Stance: Competition, Crisis, and Conflict." This symposium aims to advance communication and innovation among industry partners and the Marine Corps by addressing key logistics challenges in the context of military operations. The event brings together a diverse group of participants from the defense sector, including industry leaders, military personnel, and academia, to discuss and explore the latest advancements and strategies in expeditionary logistics.

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An armored military vehicle with eight wheels speeds through a desert landscape. It features various mounted equipment, and a soldier in protective gear is visible in the gunner's station.

Why meet Systecon

Meeting with Systecon at GELS 2024 offers a unique opportunity for attendees involved in defense, logistics, and related industries to engage directly with leaders in predictive logistics and operational readiness. Systecon is renowned for its expertise in optimizing logistics operations through its advanced Opus Suite software.

Systecon consistently introduces innovative solutions that address current and emerging challenges in expeditionary logistics. Meeting them at GELS 2024 provides firsthand experience of the latest technologies and methodologies they are pioneering in the field.


Title: Data/AI's Role in War:  Data Challenges in Logistics and Supply Chain Planning

Synopsis: This panel will look at the role that data, data quality, data storage, and access, and the importance of getting that right plays in the ability to leverage AI/ML and how the use of AI can enhance the warfighter across the three levels of warfare; strategic, operational, and tactical.  Since this is focused on expeditionary logistics, the panel should plan to discuss a few of the functional areas of logistics. There are six, but we should primarily focus on supply, maintenance, and transportation.


Empowering Mission Readiness: Enhance Preparedness with Systecon's Opus Suite Predictive Logistics

Modeling and Simulation Logistics in Contested Environments

How Opus Suite Can Ensure Supply Chain Resiliency

Event info
Date 06 - 08 August 2024
Location Newport News, VA