Swedish Armed Forces - PRIO project

27 March 2007

In March 2007 Systecon received several orders for continued work within the Swedish Armed Forces' PRIO project. Project PRIO is an important part of Swedish Armed Forces reform work, aimed at supporting the implementation of unified and efficient work processes within HR, economy and logistics as well as enabling better management and control. To support this effort, a new integrated IT system will be acquired.

The PRIO project is divided into three phases. An initial analysis phase was concluded in 2005. Phase 2, that includes acquisition of the IT system and preparations for the implementation is planned to end in spring 2008. Phase 3 includes a stepwise implementation of the new work processes and the new IT system and will be completed in 2012.

Systecon has been involved in PRIO from the start in 2004. The assigment has included requirements analysis, primarily related to logistics and development of material for the IT system RFQ, as well as tender evaluation. The assignment has also included programme management support related to methods and execution of quality assurance, risk management, process development, operation and maintenance and specialist competence on the Swedish Armed Forces' logistics operations.