Systecon's CEO Tomas Eriksson talks about LCM at Seafuture 2018 in Italy

Today at Seafuture 2018 in Italy, Systecon's CEO Tomas Eriksson together with the Italian Navy Logistic Command & Orizzonte Sistemi Navali, holds a presentation on Life Cycle Management, Operational Availability and Life Cycle Cost.

Many organizations experience a continuous pressure to increase performance, sustainability and adaptability of technical systems, while simultaneously minimizing the total cost of ownership. There is broad consensus both on the importance of LCM and on its main objective – cost effectiveness throughout the system life cycle. Clearly, the challenge lies not in defining the goal, but in how to reach it.

"To fully realize the potential of Life Cycle Management (LCM), three cornerstones need to be in place – strategy, information and analysis. These cornerstones form the basis of Systecon’s analytic approach to LCM, which gives decision makers worldwide the ability to foresee the future effect of alternatives and navigate projects towards increased cost effectiveness. Better decision-making is enabled by iteratively enhanced and aggregated knowledge, which is based on the latest and best information available.”

Tomas Eriksson, CEO Systecon

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SEAFUTURE is a prestigious event – exhibition & business convention – in the naval, shipbuilding and maritime sector with the unique feature of dual use, both in the civil and military sectors. June 19-23, 2018 La Spezia Navy Base, Italy.

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