Analytical Capability

At the very core of Systecon's approach for Analytical Life Cycle Management lies the Opus Suite and the decision support capabilities that it brings to an organization.

Systecon also provides clients with a range of different services related to the establishment of an analytical capability. The solutions we provide differ depending on the circumstances, current resources and analysis needs.

In some cases, we help clients build up in-house analytical capability by providing guidance and assistance with organizational development, process development, executive LCM courses, modelling and analysis training and workshops, quality assurance and validation, etc, until tour customer has built up a strong independent analysis capability.

In other cases, a specialist team from Systecon takes on the role as the in-hose analysis department, and in yet other cases, we perform analyses, optimization and recommendations in a compact "fast track analysis" effort in response to a certain specific application. Some more information about the different types of analysis services Systecon provides can be found under Modeling and Analysis Services

In Opus Suite, the starting point for the analysis is to develop a model of the scenario. Information about the technical system, the support solution and the operations are entered into Opus Suite using the graphical input data interface and the import functionality. Often, there is also a need to transform the data (estimated, calculated or real world) into the correct format, and review it for errors and inconsistencies. Depending on the scenario, situation, data access and application area, the model can be a rough draft with ROM-estimates, or a complex and detailed description. Once the mode has been developed, different techniques, mathematical and statistical algorithms, Monte Carlo simulation, heuristic methods and sensitivity analyses, are utilized in the Opus Suite to optimize the solution for cost effectiveness, and to evaluate and predict the impact of different decisions and scenarios on cost and performance during the life cycle. The results are typically reviewed and analyzed further in the interactive graphical results view, and may then be exported as needed to the CMMS or ERP system. 


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