Expanding the Opus Suite

20 Outubro 2022

With the launch of three new additions to the Opus Suite - Evo, Insights, and Connect - we’re adding even more power and capabilities for analysis-driven Life Cycle Management.

Opus Evo

Opus Evo utilizes evolutionary algorithms and simulation to provide tactical and operational optimization. It accommodates detailed digital twin models of systems and logistics support scenarios including dynamic aspects and variations over time. Opus Evo introduces new, unique capabilities within logistics support optimization.

The first two products powered by the Opus Evo optimization engine are further described below:

Opus Evo Deployed Operations Planner:

  • Optimize assortment of spares and support resources to bring along, given the duration and mission profile of a deployment
  • Operational optimization for maximal mission success rate and readiness during the deployment
  • Incorporate limitations in transport volume, weight, budget, etc. into the optimization

Opus Evo Tactical Logistics Support Procurement Optimizer:

  • Determine the optimal use of the support and maintenance budget for the upcoming budget period, and preliminary planning for future budget periods
  • Decide not only what spares and other support equipment to buy, but also when to buy them, taking lead times, budgets and effectiveness impact into consideration
  • Adapt procurement planning for best possible fleet effectiveness given an increase/ decrease of budget

    Learn more about Opus Evo

Opus Suite Insights

Powerful visualization and dashboards for effective communication, understanding and decision support. OS Insights is a Business Intelligence tool for LCM that makes it easy to share your Opus Suite analysis results directly with a broader audience.

  • Facilitates the sharing, communication, and interpretation of analysis results
  • Design visualizations and dashboards without dealing with tables or queries
  • Easy to install and easy to use

    Learn more about Opus Insights

Opus Suite Connect

Opus Suite Connect simplifies the time-consuming task of ingesting data to Opus Suite models, with an overall aim to reduce the time spent on data ingestion by 80%.

  • Increases the efficiency in building, updating, and maintaining Opus Suite models
  • Shortens time-to-decision by delivering Opus powered decision support at speed
  • Ideal for repetitive runs or analyzes with updated data or multiple product breakdown revisions
  • Simplifies the process of setting up batches of sensitivity and what-if analyzes · Supports ASD-S3000L, MIL-Std-1388 and GEIA-0007
  • Supports proprietary data in various Excel, XML, JSON, and CSV formats

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