Opus Suite Insights

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When providing decision support, a powerful visual impression is an effective way to create understanding, insights and ultimately provide the path to the right decision. Opus Suite Insights offers a new way to present your analysis results directly to a broader audience.

If you’re familiar with Opus Suite, you already know the extent and value of its analytic capabilities. You probably also know that even a limited analysis provides a lot of numerical results. Like all large sets of data, this carries vital information - and there are conclusions to be drawn if analyzed and understood in the right way.


‘Insights’ is Opus Suite’s Business Intelligence (BI) tool. Like all BI tools, OS Insights gives the user the ability to analyze data and create visualizations and dashboards, all of which can support decision-making and strategic planning. However, OS Insights has been specifically developed and designed to interpret and display the results generated from Opus Suite. This allows the user to focus on the analysis itself and the conclusions to draw from it, instead of having to create complicated queries and data aggregations. 

In OS Insights, the user can easily design customized dashboards. From an empty canvas and a full range of Opus Suite-adapted visual objects (bar and pie charts, diagrams, scatter plots and many more), it is possible to highlight the results that are important for just the specific scenario at hand - and target them to a specific audience or decision point.

From a technical perspective, OS Insights is a stand-alone program, easily deployed and run on any Windows computer without requiring Internet access, external database connections or server components. OS Insights has a direct data interface with the Opus Suite tools, allowing optimization and simulation results to be instantly available for dashboard visualizations.

With OS Insights, analysts can share visualizations and dashboards with managers and other stakeholders across the organization, without the time-consuming work of post-processing the data and creating diagrams in, for example, Excel. So everyone - even without direct access to Opus Suite - can easily receive the key result take-aways they need to make the right decisions. Different stakeholders can even have their own specific dashboard showing the KPIs of interest to them.

OS Insights is an essential tool to help your organization make the right LCM decisions.

Key take-aways:

  • Brings Business Intelligence visualizations to Opus Suite
  • Facilitates the sharing, communication, and interpretation of analysis results.
  • Allows the design of visual dashboards without dealing with tables or queries.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.

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