30 Março 2007

The new version 7 of OPUS10 includes several enhancements to both user interface and modeling capabilities which will make OPUS10 even more flexible and easy to use for logistics support and spares optimization. It will be distributed to customers and representatives shortly.

Concurrently with the OPUS10 release, an intermediate version 3.1 of SIMLOX is also released. In addition to being compatible with OPUS10 version 7, SIMLOX v3.1 includes several functionality improvements.

Key enhancements in OPUS10 version 7 are:

  • Lateral support & PM (Prev. Maintenance)
  • Risk-of-shortage based optimization
  • Improved LORA XT
  • Explorer view
  • Batched item replacement in PM
  • Improved result window
  • Sorting in editor and reports
  • Improved log window