Seaspan and Systecon Partner for Enhanced Operational Efficiency through Opus Suite

12 Outubro 2023

Through collaboration with Systecon, a renowned life cycle management software provider, Seaspan aims to harness the capabilities of Opus Suite for informed decision-making and to maximize fleet readiness.

Opus Suite offers Seaspan a comprehensive suite of life cycle management analysis tools, providing valuable insights into fleet performance optimization. By utilizing data-driven readiness assessments and logistic analysis capabilities, Seaspan can proactively identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance its operations.

The collaboration between Seaspan, Systecon, and Opus Suite aligns with the commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. This partnership positions and further strengthens the operational capabilities and maintains an industry-leading position. With the utilization of Opus Suite, the partnership will unlock new opportunities for enhancing fleet performance and the dedication from both organizations to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the maritime industry and driving operational excellence.

The partnership announcement coincides with Seaspan's ongoing growth and expansion, as they continue to build ships under the National Shipbuilding Strategy for the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard. Seaspan aims to optimize the readiness and efficiency of its technology by leveraging Systecon's expertise and the advanced capabilities of Opus Suite.

About Seaspan
Seaspan is a leader in Canada’s ship design, engineering, building, and repair industry. With modern facilities and a dedicated workforce of approximately 3,600 in North Vancouver and Victoria, the company has proven to be a trusted and strategic partner on complex government and private sector projects.