Systecon at NATO-Industry Forum 2023

26 Outubro 2023

Systecon has participated at the NATO-Industry Forum on 24th and 25th of October 2023 in Stockholm, with very relevant and engaging presentations and panel discussions. Based on the outcomes from the NATO summit in Vilnius earlier this year, there is much focus on how increased collaboration and coordination are vital in joint efforts to strengthen deterrence, readiness, and resilience. Both between NATO members and allied nations, between governments and industry, and also between "competimate" prime suppliers, to achieve an effective ecosystem of capabilities that can meet demand in both peacetime and conflict.

Speakers from both defense forces and industry have talked about the need for coordinated procurements, better aggregation of demands, and better alignment and long-term predictability of requirements. Another common message is the need to increase agility and shorten the “time-to-order”, from when a new threat or demand is identified until an order is placed and ultimately matching capabilities are delivered. There is also broad consensus on the importance of increased interoperability and interchangeability.

From our niche system life cycle management perspective, these ambitions should generate increasing needs for fast reliable decision support and analytical capabilities.

  • Collaboration requires transparency and mutual understanding of each other's goals and needs. Modeling and analysis provide an ideal objective platform to facilitate such understanding and continuous ability to adapt and resolve challenges during the different life cycle phases.
  • Coordinated procurement and alignment and long-term predictability of requirements, can be possible only when there is an ability to predict and assess mission capability, readiness, and costs over time for a multitude of possible scenarios and what-if inquiries.
  • Faster time-to-order requires an ability to quickly evaluate different possible solutions and their pros and cons, already in the conceptual phase and onwards through the technical design and support system design.

At Systecon, we are excited to contribute towards meeting these ambitions. As most of the defense forces and prime suppliers within this ecosystem are already avid users of Opus Suite, they have the modeling and analysis capabilities readily available. Opus Suite provides the fast flexible modeling of early rough conceptual solutions as well as large complex digital twin models, and also the strategic and tactical simulation, optimization, and predictive analysis capabilities needed. We are committed to continuing to support the efforts and user teams in current and future programs. Want to know more? Contact us:

About The NATO-Industry Forum

The NATO-Industry Forum is the strategic-level event supporting NATO and industry engagements. The theme for the 2023 edition of the NATO-Industry Forum is ‘Addressing the New Strategic Reality Together’. The Forum builds upon the decisions taken by Heads of State and Government, in particular those related to the Defence Production Action Plan, at the NATO Vilnius Summit on 11th and 12th of July 2023 and offers an opportunity to explore NATO’s vision for its future defence capabilities.

The NATO-Industry Forum brings together industry executives, senior NATO civilian and military commanders, and national officials, as well as key leaders from other institutions.