Systecon Delivers AI at the Edge: Optimizing Next Generation Predictive Maintenance

7 Abril 2020

Systecon´s Opus Suite has delivered the best in Life Cycle Management software for many years, and is constantly improving. The software, consisting of OPUS10 for logistic support optimization, CATLOC for life cycle cost analysis, and SIMLOX for performance simulation has been the gold standard for providing defence and commercial systems the decision support they need to operate efficiently and to plan out costing and future maintenance.

Machine Learning for Tactical Capabilities

Now, Systecon is using the same quality standard and introducing new tactical capabilities using true machine learning. Teams can use true machine learning - an unsupervised approach that trains on actual, vehicle-level performance data instead of historical fleet data in the aggregate. Systecon´s regime analysis provides insights into how mission or environmental factors can impact performance on each individual vehicle.

Commanders can use Systecon´s new tactical capabilities to determine the probability of mission success today - and get vehicle-level data to support their analyses. Unlike those who have promised machine learning and yet use historical fleet data to build models,
Systecon´s tactical capabilities use current, individual vehicle data to get a more accurate picture of current fleet readiness. This true machine learning allows for many capabilities that other companies have only promised in the past, like:

Predictive Maintenance

Though others claim to have predictive maintenance capabilities, Systecon and the Opus Suite actually deliver. The augmented intelligence ingests near real-time data from weapon systems and fleets to generate complex models and data at line speed.
Systecon´s dynamic, real time capability provides actionable information to all stakeholders in an enterprise with limited latency and updates changes in mobile platform performance as they occur.

Dynamic FRACAS

Systecon is able to provide dynamic incident reporting and corrective actions because the model is always learning and adapting. It uses real-time, current data to get an accurate current reading of mission success.

Digital Transformation Through the Digital Bridge

True digital transformation means you don´t need to rely solely on historical data to predict future failures, which is a big advantage especially for mobile platforms. Systecon creates a digital bridge between an enterprise and each individual vehicle for predictive maintenance. Individual platform monitoring creates specified operational performance evaluations and offers scalable solution implementation.

Systecon´s tactical capabilities use AI at the edge for next generation predictive maintenance. You and your team can learn more about Systecon´s tactical capabilities at the virtual 2020 Opus Suite User Group on April 16th. Learn more about this virtual event today.