Reliability Growth

A reliability growth model shows how the system reliability changes over time during the testing process. As system failures are discovered, the underlying faults and failure modes causing these failures are repaired so that the reliability of the system should improve over time. Instituting changes to the system to improve reliability may require large investments, systems redesigns, changes in manufacturing processes and more. Often, there is resistance in making these investments without an understanding of the outcome, both cost and capability.

With Opus Suite you can model the impact of reliability growth on system availability and operational effectiveness. You can also determine the return on investment, that is the savings achieved over the operational life of the system through investments made today. With this insight, funding requests are defensible, operational effectiveness can be understood, and risk can be assessed. With Opus Suite you can also model your system failure modes, their effects, and the criticality of those failures on missions to help prioritize investments, going after those failure modes that provide the most "bang for the buck."


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