17:th NATO LCM Conference - Life Cycle Management in a new security situation

20 Mai 2022

There is now a new emphasis on life cycle management, with NATO and member nations urgently looking to scale up defense capability and readiness. We are proud that Systecon and Opus Suite’s analysis capabilities are contributing towards these efforts.

This week saw the 17:th annual NATO Life Cycle Management Conference and Exhibition in Brussels which, as usual, offered many good discussions, presentations and insights. At Systecon, we appreciate the opportunity to present, exhibit, and to meet up with LCM professionals from NATO organizations and agencies, from defense forces of member and partner nations, and from across the industry.
As NATO and its members and allies rise to the challenge of the new security situation in Europe, lifecycle management has a key role to play. Balancing the twin objectives of readiness and affordability has a different emphasis now than it did a few years ago. While long term cost effectiveness may not logically seem as essential with growing defense budgets, it is quite the opposite. Properly applied, LCM can ensure that the significant investments of taxpayer money that most nations are looking to make - in existing and new defense systems and their support solutions - will result in greater cost effectiveness in defense capabilities, readiness, responsiveness and deterrence for many years to come.

Systecon is proud to contribute strategic and tactical analysis capabilities to serve these efforts. Opus Suite is used by the defense forces of 12 of the 15 NATO members with the biggest defense spending, and most of the prime suppliers.
Systecon’s presentation at this conference demonstrated how LCM analysis is evolving to meet new challenges, making best use of advancements such as digitalization and large scale computing. It’s not only the software tools themselves, but also the way that they are implemented and utilized, that is key to providing a backbone analysis capability throughout all phases of the life cycle.
Many thanks to the organizers AC/327 Life Cycle Management Group, CFD and Mittler Report for a great conference.