Introduction to Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

The Introduction to ILS course provides a thorough understanding of how to plan and manage the development of necessary support systems as an integrated part of developing the actual technical system.

A technical system meant to perform certain tasks or missions over time, normally requires a support system. The support system may include anything from basic user’s manuals to advanced test equipment and repair shops that make it possible to operate and maintain the technical system.

A key focus of this course is how to successfully run a Logistics Engineering Project providing Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and thereby meet the needs and demands of the selected technical system solution during its expected operational use. In addition to learning how to integrate the support system with the technical solution, participants will also learn how to integrate and balance the different parts of the support system with each other, as well as in relation to the actual assignment within the framework of the project. The course also covers how to ensure that all team members have access to shared information and data.

The course covers, but is not limited to, the following curriculum:

  • Background and history of Logistics Engineering
  • Strategy and adjustment in Logistics Engineering Projects
  • Management and organization of Logistics Engineering Projects
  • The different parts of a support system
  • Activity and process descriptions
  • Integration of support system and technical system
  • Standard plans and documents for support systems
  • Managing suppliers
  • Information needs and data models (see Workshop below)
  • The course consists of a combination of lectures and hands on exercises.

Software tools developed to handle logistics information are available in a wide range. This course will introduce and demonstrate several different methods and tools for handling project logistics data. In addition, a case study of successful Logistics Engineering and ILS will be presented. The course is primarily aimed at participants who have completed the prior courses in the package, but may also be relevant to someone very familiar with the subject who is interested in studying a modern ILS-tool.

Who should attend

This course targets those in a leadership or key role in a project that long-term cost-efficient logistic engineering is key to success. The course is well suited for both suppliers and operators of complex technical systems.

Practical information

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