Damen Naval expands Opus Suite usage with Connect and SIMLOX

14 April 2023

Damen Naval choose Opus Suite Connect and SIMLOX to support their Strategic Approach to IPS and TLS and Effective Data-driven Analytics for the F126 Frigate Program


Damen Naval are expanding their use of Systecon Opus Suite with Opus Suite Connect and SIMLOX. By adding Opus Suite Connect to their toolbox, Damen are streamlining and improving the end-to-end analysis process, reducing the burden of data collection. The goal is to focus on efficient & effective modeling analysis to support strategic decisions in the F126 program.

The new deployment will provide timely decision support to Damen in their strategic approach to IPS and TLS, while also providing effective data-driven analytics to support the success of the F126 frigate.

The Opus Suite software enables data driven decision making in all phases of a system’s life cycle. The suite employs digital twin modeling with timely and accurate analysis, optimization and simulation, proven and utilized by defense forces and suppliers worldwide. It allows for optimized technical and support system design, ensuring cost effective readiness and mission success.

Connect, one of the Opus Suite’s tools, is allows Damen to efficiently extract the correct data from their data depositories to generate comprehensive Opus Suite models. Using these models in SIMLOX simulations provides Damen with crucial foresight into platform performance and mission success and - importantly - demonstrates how to improve design and logistics support solutions to meet operational objectives.