Systecon Strengthens its 25-Year Partnership with the UK MoD

15 November 2023

For over a quarter of a century, Systecon has proudly supported the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) in a collaborative partnership that has continually evolved to deliver robust, data-driven solutions for Life Cycle Management. This enduring relationship, and close collaboration with Systecon UK since 2001, has reached new heights with the recent signing of a "Provision of Opus Suite Software Training and Support" contract.

Picture: UK MoD

Additionally, the UK MoD has also chosen to add a subscription to Opus Suite Connect, a powerful tool within the Opus Suite for Integration and Data Ingestion. Opus Suite Connect simplifies the task of ingesting data to create and populate Opus Suite Models, reducing data ingestion time by up to 80%. Opus Suite Connect supports multiple standard interfaces for system integration, further enhancing the modeling capabilities of the UK MoD.

John Gallagher

This contract solidifies our commitment to the UK MOD and extends our valued partnership through 2026, with the option to further extend until 2028. Adding Opus Suite Connect to the existing tools to streamline data ingestion and integration processes shows a commitment to keeping the tools current and state-of-the-art. It also reflects our shared dedication to remaining at the forefront of defense modeling and analysis.

John Gallagher
CEO, Systecon UK

Key Highlights:

  1. Unparalleled Expertise: With more than two decades of experience in providing cutting-edge solutions to the UK MoD, Systecon has become a trusted partner in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of Life Cycle Management decisions.
  2. Opus Suite in Action: Systecon's Opus Suite, including tools like OPUS10, SIMLOX, and CATLOC, continues to provide the UK MoD with the means to conduct robust data-driven modeling analysis, ensuring the delivery of effective Life Cycle Management decision support.
  3. Multi-Year Commitment: The signing of the "Provision Of Opus Suite Software Training and Support" contract is a testament to the strength of this strategic partnership. This contract covers a three-year period from November 1, 2023, to October 31, 2026, with the possibility of a further two-year extension until October 31, 2028, ensuring a long-term and robust collaboration.
  4. Effective Through Life Management: Systecon's Opus Suite tools are essential in establishing and maintaining an effective Support Modelling Analysis strategy and capability. These tools enable the UK MoD to make informed decisions that drive fleet availability and performance, deliver true value for money, and support Through Life Management effectively.
  5. Exceptional Feedback: Systecon is honored to receive continued positive feedback from the UK MoD DE&S (Defence Equipment & Support), particularly regarding the timely and effective support and training provided by our certified and qualified UK teachers/trainers. This feedback underscores our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our partnership. 


Systecon's enduring partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and support. The signing of the "Provision of Opus Suite Software Training and Support" contract, with the addition of Opus Suite Connect, marks a significant milestone in our shared journey, emphasizing the importance of efficient and data-driven decision-making in the realm of defense. We look forward to continuing this collaboration, shaping the future of Life Cycle Management support, and ensuring the UK MoD's ongoing success.

For more information on our partnership with the UK MoD and to stay updated on the latest developments, please check our website or contact us directly. Systecon is proud to be a trusted partner in the UK's defense capabilities and remains dedicated to delivering the highest standards of excellence, with Opus Suite Connect as a critical component of our innovative solutions.  

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For over 50 years Systecon has developed methods and software that allow organizations across the globe in different industries, from defense to renewables to transport, to make informed, smarter decisions in life cycle management. We have the methodology, tools, and experience to understand and analyze the factors that affect the performance and costs of technical systems – e.g., aircraft, trains, or wind turbines – and to optimize operations, system design, and maintenance solutions based on our customers’ conditions and objectives. Today Systecon is a thought leader in analytical LCM and some of the world’s most complex technology projects rely on our tools and expertise.

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