Heli-One - Accurate modeling of contract competitiveness

Heli-One has successfully used the Opus Suite to calculate direct maintenance costs (DMC), capital costs and power-by-the-hour (PBH) rates for contracted helicopter fleets.

In addition to providing optimal spares and resource strategies for current and new support contracts, and associated costs, the Opus Suite brings high-level detail to the life cycle cost of the helicopters, such as third- party PBH based component maintenance, costs recovered by manufacturer-warranty, and even cash flow per month and business unit during the contract period.

The accurate model allows Heli-One to assess the competitiveness of their commercial PBH rates and to identify and mitigate contractual risks. The model projects costs and benefits during any contract period, for entire fleets or single helicopter individuals. It can be present value adjusted if required, and can output results per year, per month and per flight hour.

The DMC model was developed by Heli-One and Systecon consultants in close cooperation. Extensive experience in commercial helicopter support combined with software expertise proved very successful, and resulted in the most capable Opus Suite cost/benefit model to date.