Life Cycle Management goes Down Under

6 May 2019

In the mid of May we started up our first office in Sydney. A step that marks the start of a new chapter in Systecon’s presence in Australia and a milestone that will strengthen the relationship with our customers Down Under.

A world in change

We live in a world where constant improvements and higher efficiency is required. Through innovation and strive for improvements, we have seen great leaps forward in productivity within manufacturing, operations, transportation and many other areas.

At Systecon we believe that there is a great potential for using people, money and resources more efficient and making it possible to achieve more for the same funds. Simply by using a thru-life perspective, striving for cost-effectiveness and using quantifying methods. This ability will be an important discriminating factor for successful companies and authorities in the future.

Closer to you

A key for Systecon to bring this ability to our clients, users and customers is to be as close as we can to their everyday challenges and opportunities. We want to better understand and facilitate the needs that we see among our current customers as well as new potential users. We intend to continue and improve the everyday support we bring to our users as well as provide both training and expertise within the Life Cycle Management area and the use of the Opus Suite. And we want to bring the knowledge, experience and skills in the LCM area of the global Systecon group and user community closer to Australia and also the Australian experiences closer to the global Opus Suite community.

To lead this journey and our new subsidiary in Australia, we have recruited Andrew Perkins, former ILS-ISS manager at L3 Technologies.

For any inquiries regarding Systecon’s operations in Australia please contact: 

Andrew Perkins, Country Manager, Systecon Australia
Phone +61 47 682 81 48, E-mail:

Tomas Eriksson, CEO Systecon
Phone + 46 70 311 31 17, E-mail:


About Systecon
Systecon is a leading provider of consulting services and decision support software for Systems Life Cycle Management. The market-leading software Opus® Suite is used by hundreds of organizations worldwide to find solutions for efficient operations and logistics support and low life cycle cost, including defence forces of Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, UK and US, as well as Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, Leonardo, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Saab, Thales, and Thyssenkrupp.