Pushing the limits of Analytical Life Cycle Management

Have you ever experienced projects hampered by poor performance and cost overruns? More often than not this seems to be the case for projects involving complex technical systems. It’s not a law of nature – it can be avoided by combining the right methods, tools, and people with a farsighted, complete, life cycle view.

Combine structured Life Cycle Management and world class analytics 

Systecon has long promoted a structured approach to Life Cycle Management (LCM), driven by analytical methods. This approach continuously generates good decision support in order to make the right strategic and long term decisions. This is possible by using available information in each life cycle phase and enhance it with cutting edge analytics – creating a solid ground for structured continuous improvement with a thru life/whole system perspective.

This approach has been proven effective in a vast number of projects in different industries, with different applications. In today’s competitive, fast changing world, cost effectiveness and adaptability is crucial. We are firmly convinced of the positive impact the combination of world class analytical engines and structured LCM brings.

We have been developing Opus Suite for more than 40 years. We maintain our tools’ state-of-the-art level through continuous innovation and adaptation to new scenarios. We do this by combining customer feedback with an understanding of what it takes to own and manage complex technical systems, and a deep knowledge in applied mathematics, through optimization and simulation.

Dedicated R&D

Throughout the years, the majority of improvements that has been made in Opus Suite come from research carried out within our own organization. We have a group of dedicated experts who are continuously doing research and working on developing new methods and tools, in co-operation with both academia and the industry.

At Systecon we are passionate about pushing the limits within the Life Cycle Management area through exploring and developing new ideas. We want to share insights into some of the nitty-gritty details of what we do to bring you great tools.

One of the research projects comes from Systecon’s involvement in the National Aeronautics Research Programme, where Dr. Olle Wijk from our development group has been one of the leading contributors to the development of a strategy for optimized maintenance during phase out of systems.

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The other is an independent research effort led by Dr. Mats Werne from Systecon’s development group, on the impact of applying constant failure rates in logistics optimization.

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Share knowledge at our Opus Suite User Conferences

We are also looking forward to sharing our ideas at our Opus Suite User Conferences. These events are exciting opportunities for us to meet users and peers within the Life Cycle Management community, share ideas, and get inspired. Subjects such as high level LCM ideas, research as described above, news in Opus Suite, real world applications, and tips on advanced modeling will be presented. I really look forward to meeting you there!

Life Cycle Management Courses

Are you interested in taking a course? Systecon provides a number of training courses within the Life Cycle Management domain.

Life Cycle Management Courses