Decision Support and Optimization in Different Industries

While terminology, strategies and buzzwords differ between industries, cost effectiveness is key for any organization that own, operate, support and/or produce advanced technical systems. All face the pressure to reduce costs and simultaneously meet increasing requirements on performance and production targets.

Unpredictability and fast changes in many sectors create a need for robustness and flexibility to quickly adapt and reorganize to meet new challenges. As in nature, it is not necessarily the biggest and strongest that prevails, but the one most capable to adjust to it’s environment.

All this means that the need to quickly make good, well informed decisions are as important as ever. Often in complex situations where the access to relevant and accurate information is limited. This is where a capable and proven decision support platform is invaluable. Modelling simulation and optimization provides a powerful way to predict and analyse in advance, how key choices and decisions may affect performance, costs and flexibility during the remaining system life cycle.

Opus Suite - analytical capability for cost effective solutions

Systecon and Opus Suite provide clients all over the world, in different industries and with different priorities and application areas, with the expertize, decision support and methodology needed to establish cost effective solutions. While challenges and priorities may differ, they all get the enormous benefits of establishing a strong analytical capability that makes it possible to make decisions about the systems, their operations and their support solution with a holistic life cycle based perspective. 

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