Systecon Partners With PragoData to Deliver Analysis-Driven Life Cycle Management Solutions in Central and Eastern Europe

20 June 2024

Systecon proudly announces an exclusive partnership with PragoData to promote, implement, and support Opus Suite across Czechia, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. This strategic alliance aims to enhance Life Cycle Management (LCM) for complex military and civilian systems, leveraging PragoData's local expertise and Systecon's innovative Opus Suite software solution.

Opus Suite offers unparalleled support for the through-life management of technical systems, optimizing performance and cost-efficiency. With PragoData's expertise, this collaboration will bring advanced LCM methods and capabilities to new markets, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Magnus Andersson Systecon

With over fifty years of developing analysis-driven LCM solutions, we are excited to expand our reach through this partnership with PragoData to Central and Eastern Europe.

Magnus Andersson, Systecon


Opus Suite is a preferred choice for many NATO member countries. It facilitates precise modeling and data exchange, supporting the entire life cycle from acquisition to decommissioning, setting the benchmark for data-driven LCM solutions globally.

This collaboration strengthens our position and enhances our ability to manage complex projects, providing cutting-edge LCM solutions to our clients.

 Břetislav Moc, CEO at PragoData

Together, Systecon and PragoData are committed to delivering leading-edge analytics and reliable, model-based decision support, setting new standards for efficiency and innovation in the industry.

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