Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium (GVSETS) 2024

Join Systecon at the 2024 Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering & Technology Symposium (GVSETS), where industry, government, and academia unite to forge the future of military capabilities. Set to take place from August 13-15 in Novi, MI, GVSETS 2024 promises to be an essential convergence point for over 2,000 professionals aiming to modernize and enhance defense technologies.

Large military vehicle equipped with a missile launching system on a grassy field

This year's focus on "Digitizing the Army to Enable Formations Today and Tomorrow" underscores the event’s commitment to cutting-edge technological advancements in defense. As an exhibitor, Systecon will showcase pioneering solutions that support these goals, emphasizing predictive analytics and systems engineering to optimize military operations and sustainment.

Why meet Systecon:

The US Army leverages the Opus Suite for its exceptional modeling capabilities to enhance readiness and operational effectiveness. Here's how the Opus Suite contributes:

 • Forecasting Readiness and Mission Success: Opus Suite provides tools to predict future readiness based on upcoming missions and calculates potential success rates, which is essential for strategic planning.

 • Serial-Number-Level System Analysis: The software performs in-depth analysis at the serial number level, enabling precise maintenance and logistical decisions.

 • Root Cause Analysis for Readiness Issues: It identifies underlying factors causing readiness degradation, allowing for targeted interventions.

 • Optimization of ASLs and Deployment Kits: Opus Suite optimizes Authorized Stockage Lists (ASLs) and deployment kits to ensure units reach desired readiness levels efficiently.

 • Enhancing Readiness Amidst Changes: The tool improves readiness management during dynamic supply and support structure changes.

 • Understanding Complex Operational Effects: It can identify secondary and tertiary effects of operational decisions, enhancing overall mission support and operational effectiveness.

Systecon and Opus Suite stand out for their robust capabilities in contested environments, where they manage logistics operations amid high risks and uncertainties. This is critical as these environments often experience cyber threats and communication breakdowns. Opus Suite's longstanding integration within the cyber-hardened DoD IT infrastructure mitigates these risks effectively, ensuring the availability of real-time information for autonomous operations.

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Event info
Date 13 - 14 August 2024
Location Suburban Collection Showplace | 46100 Grand River Ave | Novi, MI 48374
Booth Number #327