Korean Opus Suite Conference 2023 - Analysis-driven RAM-C and LCM

We look forward to meet the RAM-C / LCM community of Korea at this upcoming event in Daejeon on May 30 2023. The conference is jointly organized by Systecon Korea and KISTI research institute.

This conference is a forum for the RAM-C / LCM community in the Republic of Korea, including policy makers, program managers, logistics support engineers, analysts, Opus Suite users and decision makers. It is a perfect opportunity to share experiences and discuss application areas and trends within the Reliability, Availability Maintainability and Cost (RAM-C) and Life Cycle Management (LCM) domains. Do not miss this chance to get updated on cutting edge analysis capabilities, learn from case studies and to connect with peers from government, industry and academia.

When: 30 May 2023
Where: KISTI HQ, 245 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

To get a deeper introduction to Opus Suite capabilities, please note that the conference will be followed by a two-day Opus Suite overview course on May 31- June 1 (read more below)

Building and enhancing defense capabilities that can deliver readiness robustness and agility at an acceptable cost requires a continuous focus on RAM-C and LCM throughout the life cycle of a system. To facilitate that focus, and ultimately to achieve cost effective solutions, modelling and analysis provides the foresight and insights needed to guide decisions, big and small. An analytical data driven approach is equally essential in the early phases as in the in-service support phase. The outcome is used to influence technical and support system design, to prioritize and plan RAM-C related initiatives, and to prepare and plan for different scenarios, potential threats and engagements.

The conference will elaborate on this theme, with presentations and demonstrations of different analytical approaches and capabilities, and their applications in different stages of the system life cycle. It will cover strategic and tactical optimization simulation and cost analysis. The schedule also includes case studies and presentations on the latest trends in RAM-C and LCM analytics, and a description of how an integrated approach facilitates access to decision support for program management through the life cycle, with fast and continuous access to the latest information through data ingestion that supports S3000L, GEIA0007 and MilStd1388-02.

An agenda for the conference will be published here shortly

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The conference will be followed by a two-day Opus Suite Overview course on May 31-June 1, in Daejeon. The course will provide a compact but comprehensive introduction and demonstration of approaches and best practices for modeling and analysis in Opus Suite, to enable analysis driven RAM-C and LCM. It will also explain how to build models of different scenarios in Opus Suite, and demonstrate essential analysis capabilities for different phases of the system life cycle.

When: May 31 – June 1, 2023
Where: Location: (DCC) DaeJeon Convention Center,
Address:107 Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu Daejeon, South Korea

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If you have any questions regarding this conference, please contact Mr. Jang JuSu at Systecon Korea.