Participant record at Systecon International Conference

13 November 2019

With 100+ participants, we hit the record this year! We touched topics such as AI, big data, machine learning, dashboards and visualization of results.

Last week our annual International User Group in UK took place at the London transport Museum. With 100+ participants, we hit the record this year! For some it was the first time to attend this event, while for others it was the 27th (!) time. The agenda was well put together with a good mix of external and internal presenters, and the content in all presentations connected very well to each other. We touched topics such as AI, big data, machine learning, dashboards and visualization of results.

It was breath taking to see and feel the energy and enthusiasm in our community of analysts and LCM-believers who gather annually in London at the User Group. As Patrik Alfredsson, one of the presenters from Systecon AB answered an interview question on stage, about what it is that makes his enthusiasm and passion for LCM and the analytical approach so strong:

“Because I’m driven by cost-effectiveness, isn’t everyone?”