We are looking for a mathematically minded senior developer

7 July 2017

We are currently looking for a mathematically minded senior developer for our Opus Suite development team.

We are now looking for a senior developer who is interested in mathematics and who has a thorough base in software development. Our math and simulation cores are written in C++, but we do not require that you have a thorough knowledge in C++. We think that general programming skills outmatch language knowledge. We will need to make many important decisions in the near future as our technology stack evolves, so we need forward-looking developers with experience in areas such as NoSQL databases, REST API, or distributed computing.

As a senior developer you will be part of team of responsible for design, implementation and documentation of new functionality in the Opus Suite, ranging from algorithm development to UX. You will have big possibilities to influence the direction of our development in technical as well as functionality aspects.

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