Analysis Capability and other essentials needed to walk the talk of Life Cycle Management

What does it take to “walk the talk”, to truly implement LCM as mindset and guiding principle, and get the full benefits of LCM in projects and organisations? Systecon’s Dr. Patrik Alfredsson shares his views on this topic when speaking at NATO LCM Conference in Brussels on January 29.

nato lcm conference brussels
Dr. Patrik Alfredsson shares his views on Analysis Capability at NATO LCM Conference in Brussels

There is broad consensus both on the importance of Life Cycle Management and on its main objective - cost effective performance and readiness throughout the system life cycle. Clearly, the challenge lies not in defining the goal, but in how to reach it. Systecon’s concept for successful LCM is built on three equally important cornerstones: “Strategy”, “Information” and “Analysis”.

In his presentation, third in a series called “walk the talk”, Dr. Alfredsson puts the spotlight on the LCM cornerstone “Analysis”. He illustrates what it means in practice and demonstrates, using examples from a recent project, its impact and importance. He shows what product management in the in-service phase can, and perhaps should, entail in order to be consistent with LCM. One important take away is that, despite shortcomings in earlier program phases, there is always room to react and correct - better late than never.