Our Philosophy

We encounter the same issues in countless projects in different industries. Complex, technical systems or products need to be procured, developed and used, but the focus lies primarily on capabilities and procurement costs, – rather than overall performance and the total costs of owning and using the system through the entire life cycle.

The Cost of No Control

It is no easy task to understand and manage all aspects of a project early on, but without structured proactive and continuous efforts to identify, understand and influence the parameters that impact performance and cost, it is not possible to take control of a project and steer it towards cost effectiveness.

What are the results of limited control? Examples include wind turbines idling because of missing spare parts, trains that are delayed because the repair shop does not have the necessary resources, or aircraft that cost twice the expected budget to operate.

Ensure Cost Effectiveness – Over the Entire Life Cycle

The task is to develop a new aircraft. The choice between two apparently equivalent components is almost certain to impact both availability and costs for the aircraft’s entire life cycle. Is the engineer making the right choice? Is he or she even considering the impact on life cycle costs, performance and sustainability? Will anyone revisit the decision in five, ten or fifteen years?

This is the idea behind Life Cycle Management, or LCM. Early decisions, often already made at the concept or design phase, impact long-term costs more than any other factor in the product life cycle. Sometimes, the task is to choose between two solutions that appear equal, and sometimes, the task is to identify a small number of cost drivers and drivers of unavailability, among thousands of candidates.

The sooner you think LCM, the greater your chance of reducing costs and ensuring future profitability.

Apply a Complete Holistic LCM Perspective

With Opus Suite and Systecon you can apply a complete holistic LCM perspective on the entire solution throughout the whole life cycle. We have the methodology, the tools and the experience to identify and manage the factors that affect your output and your costs – and to optimize your operations, your system and your logistics support solution based on your specific objectives and circumstances.

In short, we provide you the information you need to make decisions based on facts, not just your gut feeling – today, and for the future of your entire system.

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