Readiness Based Sparing

Readiness-Based Sparing (RBS) has been part of defense systems supply chain management since the 1960’s, when it was used to optimize aircraft availability, and has been adopted by defense departments around the world as the preferred method for calculating inventory levels. It is now an integral part of how program managers determine the inventory investment required for the fielding of a new system. Since the beginning, Opus Suite has led the way providing cutting edge spares optimization capabilities.

While Opus Suite can be used to optimize fill rate and for demand-based modeling to determine the appropriate consumer level of spares required to maintain key systems, Opus Suite is the premier Readiness Based Sparing tool available. With the ability to model in unlimited level of echelons, unlimited level of indentures, an unlimited number of items, and an unlimited number of systems, Opus Suite provides your organization with the most flexibility, detail, and exception management to understand the interplay between cost, readiness, reliability, maintainability and requisition response time to determine wholesale, depot repair, consumer and retail sparing requirements.

With Opus Suite, you can produce readiness-based sparing models to recommend parts on a system basis, according to which items provide the greatest contribution to a system’s availability for use. This allows you to link items to system performance, presents a range of possible solutions (the cost/effectiveness curve), and optimizes spares mix giving the most efficient performance per dollar. The advanced capabilities of the tool make it possible to assess inventory investment required for fielding new programs and to set sparing levels for secondary items that have support goals related to weapon system readiness. In addition, you can negotiate performance-based supplier agreements; assess the effect of reliability, maintainability, and supportability improvements on weapon system readiness; plan and develop budgets; and conduct what-if exercises related to deployments. The advanced algorithms in Opus Suite meet or exceed the requirements for use in all branches of the US DoD and defense forces around the globe. With Opus Suite you can expand on the traditional RBS limitations to determine not only the lowest cost spares mix that will provide the required operational readiness level for a system but also simultaneously perform a level of repair analysis (Maintenance Concept Optimization), understand the impact of scheduled maintenance on the required spares mix, model lateral support, fleet growth/decline, reliability growth, redundancy, operational concept changes etc. all in a single model.

With Opus Suite you can be assured that you are utilizing a tool with a methodology proven on and used to support many of the world's most complex systems. With Opus Suite you can support your systems to meet operational goals at the lowest possible cost.