Circular Economy & Data Analytics

Systecon has long been a pioneer in reducing waste and streamlining operations. With effective predictive maintenance, optimization and cost analytics the emergence of what the World Economic Forum calls the fourth industrial revolution could finally unblock some of the bottlenecks that are hampering the transition towards a circular economy.

There are clear benefits here for manufacturers seeking to offer more circular business propositions such as closed-loop processes, re manufacturing or product-as-service models. However, to justify changing their business model, organizations often must justify the profitability or benefit of their approach. Systecon is uniquely experienced to provide the predictive analytics, life cycle costing analysis, and optimization tools to support your organization's shift to a more circular business.

A circular economy favors activities that preserve value in the form of energy, labor, and materials. This means designing for durability, reuse, re-manufacturing, and recycling to keep products, components, and materials circulating in the economy. Circular systems also must optimize the levels of materials in use at any given time and explore new revenue streams to ensure business viability and long term cost effectiveness.

In many ways, Systecon has been supporting customers with analytics to keep assets in service longer and develop pricing models for assets as a service for many years. As an example, we have continuously supported performance based outcome contracting efforts and leasing arrangements for aircraft fleets and large equipment operators. As business shift to a more circular business model other sectors will raise questions about the necessity of owning products in the way that we traditionally do.  It is access to the service a product provides that is important, rather than the product itself. Understanding this shift in mindset lays the groundwork to many of the practicalities of shifting our economy from linear to circular. Systecon supports this shift in ensuring the assets are available, optimizing the support solution, and that the cost to access the equipment is as low as possible.

The circular economy has been gaining traction with business and government leaders alike. Transitioning from a linear to a circular business model requires accurate analytics to bridge the unknown, with results that will ensure profitability, encourage innovation, increase growth, and create more robust outcomes. With our proven analytical capabilities and long history in optimizing operations and reducing life cycle costs, Systecon is a logical partner, bringing technologically advanced tools and consulting services to successfully transition your business to a more circular model.