Can You Handle Billion Dollar Technology Projects Without Breaking a Sweat?

At Systecon, you get the chance to work on the largest, most complex technology projects and help our clients get the most out of their investments, all while reducing costs. You will work on everything from procurements and development of technical systems, to planning of operations and design, to dimensioning of maintenance solutions. We are a highly respected, dynamic company that is proud of our streamlined decision-making, our excellent benefits and advancement opportunities, and our terrific sense of community.

At Systecon, we find knowledge and expertise attractive. We are particularly interested in experienced engineers with expertise in Systecon's core activities,  ILS (Integrated Logistics Support), reliability and LCC (Life Cycle Costing). You should have strong mathematical and analytical skills and good communication skills, experience in project planning and execution, and language in the country of the Systecon office you intend to work at.

Systecon provides you with great personal freedom to take initiatives and manage your own time. Our company prides itself on its social, pleasant work environment. We do not hesitate to help each other and share our methods, expertise and experience.

Open positions