NOKIA - Custom-made OPUS10 application

A customized OPUS10 application with a web interface was developed for Nokia analysts.

After some years of using OPUS10 to calculate optimal spare parts assortments for mobile network equipment, NOKIA decided to initiate a joint project with Systecon to develop a customized OPUS10 solution that would be easy to use and that could be accessed by a large group of NOKIA analysts over a web interface.

More specifically, NOKIA needed a tool that automatically performed a series of spare part optimizations, where each optimization corresponded to a certain phase in a stepwise roll out of new mobile network equipment. Furthermore the tool needed be able to perform NOKIA specific calculations of the expected costs for repair of components under warranty.

In the joint project that followed, Systecon developed a Phased Deployment and Warranty Cost (PDWC) tool with the capacity to perform an automated series of spare part optimizations using the OPUS10 external interface and that could also calculate the expected warranty cost for repairs. The PDWC tool was built so that it allowed different types of requirements to be entered for each optimization, e.g. service level requirements for spare parts supply specified per organizational level.

The PDWC tool was built to interface with an Oracle database where all the necessary information for different roll out scenarios was available. A final step involved the development of a web-based interface (implemented by NOKIA), allowing easy access for NOKIA analysts all over the world to optimize cost effective solutions for roll out of new mobile network equipment.