Tactical Analysis and Optimization

Tactical Analysis and Optimization complements traditional strategic analysis in Opus Suite to provide Fleet & Item Managers with a “Digital Bridge” to their on board vehicle data to manage day-to-day operations. Harnessing the large amounts of operational data and converting it to actionable information in the forms of Predictive Maintenance, Augmented Intelligence for troubleshooting, and providing near real time vehicle health prognostics information.

Systecon continues to push the technological envelope, by utilizing the latest advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques to maximize Operational Readiness rates. Maintenance operations can move from traditional reactive to proactive postures via real-time regime (mission) based assessment of component degradation with unsupervised AI. We analyze the digital twin using a common data model for both tactical and strategic optimization/analysis to maximize operational effectiveness while minimizing cost. Tools can not only be operated via thick client, but also in the cloud with custom visualizations and dashboards. Our tactical capabilities include:

  • Independent Regime (Mission) Analysis
  • Improved Prognostics & Troubleshooting Accuracy
  • Pure Fleeting
  • Phase Maintenance Optimization
  • Time Phased Force and Deployment Analysis
  • Reduction in No Evidence of Fault (NEOF)
  • Dynamic Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System
  • Custom Predictive Analytics Dashboard Development

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