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Major decisions should not be based on "gut feeling" alone – Opus Suite gives you fast, accurate analyses, optimization, simulation and answers at your fingertips, throughout your system's whole life cycle. It helps you take control over performance and life cycle cost.

A multitude of key decisions are made throughout the life cycle of a technical system, from the concept phase and onwards through procurement and development, production, fielding, maintenance and operation, and finally phase out and termination. Decisions regarding technical design, support system design, and operations planning, that significantly impact the system's ability to perform as intended, as well as the total costs.

With Opus Suite, you get the answers!

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OPUS10 is the world-leading tool for cost effective optimization of spare parts and logistic support solutions for complex technical systems. With decision support from OPUS10, you can increase availability while reducing spares investments by 30% or more compared to conventional methods.

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SIMLOX is a unique tool for scenario simulation that enables analysis of expected performance over time, given a certain support solution and operational scenario. SIMLOX offers superior insight into your short and long-term effectiveness and ability to prepare for planned operations.

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Cost Analysis

CATLOC is a powerful application for analyzing and estimating Life Cycle Cost (LCC)/- Life Cycle Profit (LCP), and other forms of cost analysis and estimation. CATLOC makes it easier for you to take control over costs of development, procurement, operation, maintenance and logistics during a system's life cycle.

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Tactical Optimization

Opus Evo is a game changing addition to Opus Suite, introducing new, unique capabilities within logistics support optimization.

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Business Intelligence

When providing decision support, a powerful visual impression is an effective way to create understanding, insights and ultimately provide the path to the right decision. Opus Suite Insights offers a new way to present your analysis results directly to a broader audience.

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OPUS Suite Connect simplifies the time-consuming task of ingesting data to the Opus Suite Models. It is a new addition to the OPUS Suite and offers capabilities that we are excited to introduce.

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Opus Suite

Trusted by thousands of users globally to provide decision support for LCM.

This is a selection of reference case studies from some of the many Opus Suite clients.

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Vattenfall and Scottish Power - Availability Analysis for the East Anglia Wind Energy Project.

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SL trains

Stockholm Public Transport Administration - Maintenance Optimization of Commuter Trains.

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Royal Thai Air Force - Education in Logistic Analysis.

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Heli One - Maintenance Solution Analysis.

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Systecon carries out CV90 track cost analysis

BAE Systems - Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Combat Vehicle 90.

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Handling Inaccuracies and Uncertainty vs. Following Your Gut Feeling

Explore the world of early-phase system development where precision meets strategic decision-making and where gut feeling is no match for robust analysis. In the fast-paced realm of complex systems, decisions made at the beginning shape the future and the trajectory of systems. However, data limitations often pose challenges. 

Discover OPUS10, the game-changer in strategic decision-making, navigating uncertainty, optimizing scenarios, and balancing capabilities with analysis-driven modeling. Shortly, offering valuable insights even with limited data. Watch the video to unlock insights within imperfect data, empowering you to make informed choices without waiting for perfect data. Join us on a journey where robustness meets early-phase analysis - and empower your decisions.