Opus Suite Courses

Systecon and our Representatives provides training courses for Opus Suite users all over the world.

Compact hands-on Opus Suite training courses offers a very effective way for an analyst to learn the many features and functions and get a head start with modelling and analytics. At the hands of a skilled modeller, there are hardly any limits to the insights and impact Opus Suite can provide in the life cycle management of systems. 

Training courses are provided regularly at the offices of Systecon and our representatives around the globe. Courses are often also provided on site at a client. The training course selection spans from introductory to advanced and covers all parts of the Opus Suite - OPUS10, SIMLOX, and CATLOC.

Explore which course suits you, or ask us if are interested in a customized course. Also please contact us if you can't find the course you're looking for in the schedule.