Unlock Efficiency with OPUS10: Advanced Spare Parts Optimization Analytics Software

Welcome to the future of spare parts optimization! Systecon's OPUS10, a flagship software tool within the Opus Suite, redefines spare parts optimization analytics. Renowned for its realistic technology modeling, rapid calculations, and impressive results that slash spare part investment by over 30% while bolstering system availability, OPUS10 is an industry-standard in the field. Yet, as you'll soon uncover, its capabilities go beyond expectations.

Spare Parts Optimization:
OPUS10 stands as the ultimate solution to vital questions:

  • What's the optimal assortment of spare parts for my inventory, and how should they be distributed across stock facilities for maximum overall performance and minimal cost?
  • Which spare parts to order and when to order them to optimize the efficiency of spare parts inventory management?
  • How can I achieve cost-effective spare parts assortment and allocation tailored to varying performance requirements across different locations and system types?
  • What's the strategy to progressively adjust the spare parts solution during phased scenarios like system rollouts or phase-outs?
  • Repair or discard? The software assists in determining whether components should be repaired or replaced upon failure.
  • Optimal repair location: It provides insights into the most efficient location for repairs, local or central.
  • How much will the spare parts inventory cost, factoring in performance targets and support solution constraints?
  • Gauge the impact of price fluctuations, failure rates, or lead time changes on efficiency and costs.

Support Solutions Evaluation:
While spare parts optimization remains at its core, OPUS10 is a versatile predictive logistics tool for varied scenarios:

  • Optimize the maintenance concept comprehensively.
  • Evaluate and compare alternative support solutions.
  • Make informed decisions about the most cost-effective support organization structure.
  • Determine optimal locations for maintenance equipment and personnel within the organization.
  • Decide whether to outsource all or part of the maintenance.
  • Strategize warehouse count and locations.
  • Optimize transport solutions for efficiency.
  • Assess solution sensitivity to changes or data accuracy.
  • Adjust support organization and spare parts inventory during stepwise ramp-ups or phase-outs.

Technical Systems Evaluation:
OPUS10 extends its reach to evaluating technical systems:

  • Optimal system design and configuration from a supportability perspective.
  • Evaluate component choices based on cost-effectiveness and lifecycle considerations.
  • Analyze component upgrades and design changes for enhanced performance and cost of ownership reduction.

Modeling and Optimization of Scenarios:
Scalable and flexible, OPUS10 adapts to scenarios of varying sizes and complexity:

  • Handles repairable components, discardable/re-ordered items, or combinations.
  • Accommodates scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Suits time-phased scenarios with gradual introductions or phase-outs and changes to parameters like reliability, turn-around times, and procurement lead times.
  • Tailors support solutions to specific items.
  • Incorporates physical or maintenance-based product breakdown structures.
  • Factors in different component criticality levels.
  • Addresses multiple optimization requirements per location, unit, or system type.

User-Friendly Tools:

  • Data Input: The OPUS10 model is based on flexible tables, accommodating scenarios of diverse complexity and detail levels providing a user-friendly platform for data input, import, and linking from various sources of record.
  • The C/E Curve: The Cost/Efficiency Curve is pivotal, generating solution points that display system efficiency at varying budgets. This enables optimized selections.
  • Table View: Interactive table view showcases stock levels, investments, and service levels per component and location.
  • Report Generator: Tailor-made reports are exportable to Excel, databases, and ERP systems, facilitating insightful results analysis.

Explore the full potential of spare parts optimization with Systecon's OPUS10. Contact us today to experience the future of inventory management,cost savings, and operational excellence. Revolutionize your approach to spare parts optimization with OPUS10 from Systecon Group.

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