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The main objective of life cycle management is to achieve the required performance, availability, sustainability at an affordable cost. While the procurement price of a new system often draws a lot of attention, the cost of operation and maintenance typically make up 60-70% of the total life cycle cost.

The ability to make good decisions can hardly be overestimated

The impact of downtime is normally significant. Either in terms of failure to reach operational requirements, lost revenue, reduced mission effectiveness, reduced personal safety or a combination of all.

On the other side of the scale are the costs to acquire technical systems and the resources needed to ensure successful operations and maintenance, where downtime is kept at acceptable levels. The ability to make good decisions about the technical design, the operational concept and the support system design can therefore hardly be overestimated.

Decision support throughout the life cycle

Systecon and Opus Suite provides the capability to analyze, evaluate and compare different alternative solutions, and to predict the consequences of key decisions on performance, sustainability and life cycle cost during the remaining life cycle. With relevant and reliable decision support, the "design" of the system, its operational concept, and its support solution can be optimized and managed in order to reach the primary objectives - maximized system effectiveness at minimum cost – throughout the life cycle.

Examples of key questions in different phases of the life cycle: 

With clients all over the world in different industry sectors and with different focus objectives and scenarios, there are a large number of applications areas. Some of the most common are further described below.

Key capabilities and application areas:

Short of time? The Fast Track service is the quickest way to high quality analyses.

Our Fast Track Analysis service is available if you need modelling, analysis and recommendations performed as quickly as possible. 

Decision Support and Optimization in Different Industries.

While terminology, strategies and buzzwords differ between industries, cost effectiveness is key for any organization that own, operate, support and/or produce advanced technical systems.

Opus Suite - Decision support throughout the life cycle.


Life Cycle Systems Management is not a static endeavour. Each life cycle phase has its challenges and major decision points. Opus Suite provides the decision support needed to stay on that target. 

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