Nyheter i nya releasen av Opus Suite version 2018

The new version of Opus Suite comes with several enhancements and innovative new capabilities. Continuous development with annual releases is central to Systecon’s commitment to provide Opus Suite users with state-of-the-art optimization and decision support capabilities, versatile scenario modelling and an intuitive user interface. The following are some of the key highlights in the new version, which is released in April 2018.

Enhancements at a Glance

  • A new solution finder in OPUS10 allows for multiple effectiveness requirements that can be defined per location, unit and system type. Spares assortments are optimized to satisfy these requirements at lowest possible cost.
  • New simulation results in SIMLOX makes it possible to predict and analyze in detail the reasons and contributors behind system downtime.
  • Item Preventive Maintenance in SIMLOX has been extended to account for time in stock, and model aspects like scheduled inspections, maintenance and ageing while in stock.
  • Improved color control in the CATLOC user interface makes cost analysis more intuitive.
  • Assumptions regarding utilization in OPUS10 can be adjusted, which is relevant when considering solutions with relatively low availability.

Download the Opus Suite release brochure for more information

New versions of the Opus Suite are released every 12 months, and distributed to all clients with an Upgrade and Support agreement.

You can download the release brochure for more information about the new release and complete descriptions of features. You can also contact us for more information.

The drive to continuously adapt, develop and improve has been central for Systecon since the start. Driven by the needs of our clients and the projects we are involved in, Opus Suite is continuously developed and enhanced with new functionality, expanded modelling flexibility and improved interfaces and integration. In some cases, it is possible to use existing mathematical methods, in other cases our team of optimization theory experts develops new methods and algorithms.

Some examples of major functionality developments that have continued Opus Suite's advancement over the past several years include:

  • Maintenance Concept Optimization (Extended LORA)
  • Time phased optimization
  • Redundancy Simulation with Reliability Block Diagrams
  • Statistical risk analysis
  • Parallel core execution

Kommande kurser

Kurs Datum Plats
OPUS10 grundkurs 7–9 maj 2019 Stockholm
OPUS10 grundkurs 3–5 sep 2019 Stockholm
SIMLOX grundkurs 10–12 sep 2019 Stockholm
CATLOC kurs 24–26 sep 2019 Stockholm
OPUS10 fortsättningskurs 22–24 okt 2019 Stockholm
Opus Suite introduktionskurs 25 okt 2019 Stockholm
SIMLOX fortsättningskurs 29–31 okt 2019 Stockholm
OPUS10 grundkurs 5–7 nov 2019 Stockholm